Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blonde cave girls?

Cave-girls were first blondes to have fun

Now lets check this again.

(1) a blonde blue eyes cave-girl appeared (genetically speaking) and stood out from the crowd of mousy haireds.
(2) The few cave-men who survived the trepidations of hunting were more attracted to her than the brown haired dark-eyed ones
(3) Voila, lots of blue-eyed blondes in Sweden!

Hang on! What happens if they weren't very good looking? Surely whatever brain the cave-men had would be engaged in sorting this little cumundrum out? ugly/ blonde - ravishing/ mousy, which do I chose?

Then again, maybe looks didn't come into in those brutish and short lives.

Back to natural selection and sexual selection. Which one are we dealing with here?

Behavioural economics/ Neuroeconomics

If you ask people, ‘Which do you want right now, fruit or chocolate?’ they say, ‘Chocolate!’ But if you ask, ‘Which one a week from now?’ they will say, ‘Fruit.’ Now we want chocolate, cigarettes, and a trashy movie. In the future, we want to eat fruit, to quit smoking, and to watch Bergman films.
The Marketplace of Perceptions

Behavioral economics explains why we procrastinate, buy, borrow, and grab chocolate on the spur of the moment.


A branch of behavioral economics called neuroeconomics looks inside the brain with scanning tools like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to investigate patterns of motivation.

Both from Harvard Magazine

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