Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You'll never squawk alone
Nigel Bunyan, Telegraph, 25 October2005

It's not just Liverpool. And its probably those memes in soaps that has done it. What they see in East Enders or Coronation Street must be the norm, presumably. Life reflecting art, or vice versa?

Another of my pet theories is that we are so much just mere consumers we do not learn about the little things in our own lives that make one life distinct from another, as we might have done in the past, but through top-down templates, a mish-mash of TV drama, apolcalytic news, product advertising, fantastical lives of the stars and minor celebs, gagetry and debt, etc. Every family in debt is like every other and has the same solution: don't spend so much. Learn to want less. There might be a lot more depression arond. But depression cuts you off from everything even your emotions. So when you have recovered from a downer you suddenly need somwhere to put all that spare feeling....

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