Sunday, August 28, 2005

The theory of "Intelligent Design

Not many IDers {-ists} have actually done any science. Though it is not a bad thing for them to pick holes in evolutionary science. Always pleased to see Brian Appleyard on the evolution vs. Creationism, as here in George Bush and the Meaning of Life, in The Sunday Times 28 August 2005, where he does at least clarify the difference between ID (accepts age of earth) and creationists proper (Bible dates) even if he doesn't go into enough detail to make a decent fist of it.

Since I did biology, though no expert, this subject is always fascinating.

To counterpoise this rather basic essay (Appleyard has written often on evolution and several books such as Brave New Worlds, where he essays his concerns about science and technology), I would suggest:

Plagarized Errors and Molecular Genetics

by Edward Max, a molecular biologist, which is a slog but worth staying with.

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