Sunday, March 04, 2007

Face recognition

Stumbled upon Cognitive Daily:

Casual faces: we can identify "mystery faces" just 6 pixels wide

which refers to a previous post:

Why we see faces when they are not really there (with poll)

which commends a 13 Feb 07 NYT article:

Faces, faces everywhere

I have an explanation (based on the way it is possible to see the picture clearer when squinting) but it just won't come into sentences! Another problem to examine- How you can sense/know you understand or can explain something but be unable to do so. My explanation is so clearly 'there' it is like feeling a poem is about to arrive and being determined not to distract the mind till it is down on paper.

Part of the explanation - which I twigged just now was to be through analogy - is here at the wiki:Pareidolia

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