Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shaun Bailey and Henry Bonsu

Following from his Centre for Policy Studies sponsored pamphelet, No man’s land, How Britain’s inner city young are being failed, of which this is the pdf chapter one, two articles he has written based on this:

Focus: My battle with liberal Britain
The Sunday Times 27 November 2005

Don't forget the other three pages.

The reason our streets are so violent
The Telegraph 19 January 2006

This week another young man instantly recognisable to many but who I had never heard of, Henry Bonsu, was on Richard and Judy, which I switched on just in time to see him talking along similar lines about (black ) yoof.

Henry I learn from a root around has recently been sacked by the BBC from hosting a radio programme because he was too intellectual (or so it is suggested).


Just picked up on a spiked article by Stuart Waiton:

Antisocial behaviour: the construction of a crime
19 January 2006

Now the New Labour government has revealed its 'respect' agenda, the problem of 'antisocial behaviour' has moved to the forefront of political debate. But what is it?

which is a handy bit of reading to go with Shaun and Henrys thoughts. I have not been able to find a quote based on Henry's discussion but I expect one will turn up sooner than later.

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