Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blonde cave girls?

Cave-girls were first blondes to have fun

Now lets check this again.

(1) a blonde blue eyes cave-girl appeared (genetically speaking) and stood out from the crowd of mousy haireds.
(2) The few cave-men who survived the trepidations of hunting were more attracted to her than the brown haired dark-eyed ones
(3) Voila, lots of blue-eyed blondes in Sweden!

Hang on! What happens if they weren't very good looking? Surely whatever brain the cave-men had would be engaged in sorting this little cumundrum out? ugly/ blonde - ravishing/ mousy, which do I chose?

Then again, maybe looks didn't come into in those brutish and short lives.

Back to natural selection and sexual selection. Which one are we dealing with here?

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