Saturday, January 07, 2006

Prof. Raymond Bradley of the University of Aukland in his short digi-piece Intelligent Design or Natural Design , in Butterflies & Wheels, works through the problem at a level which most intelligent people could grasp, plus he has provided a useful graphic as a pdf (concepts of design and their logical liasons).

The An open letter to Anthony Flew from Bradley had a reply from Flew in an academic Journal which has not got free web acesss, but the subsequent
Antony in Wonderland: A Rejoinder to Professor Flew is available, plus an article by Richard carrier ( Antony Flew Considers God...Sort Of ) which arose during the media flurry over Flew's original "conversion".

Prof. Bradley's homepage has a series of links to some of his other writing, quite a few on this subject or related in some way to it.

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