Thursday, July 21, 2005

Been spreading out my weblog empire and finding it difficult to post to all of them, so have missed out on new blogs aroud including Jonny B's Private Secret Diary which naturally appeals because it is from NW Norfolk and am hoping to catch up on events and trends in my locality.

These two articles go back to some vague recollection about the 'burger herds' of the American (N & S) plains being responsible for a significant proportion of the carbon emissions...

Cow flatulence: a significant contributor to global warming or just a load of hot air?

Reduce Global Warming? Let's Start With Cows

Seeing the TV documentary on the slaughterhouse on BBC made me feel once again I ought to stick to fish, eggs, butter and milk. Though of course could help 'poor Daisy' (who is artifically kept in milk by repeated pragnancies) by having non-milk teas such as peppermint and camomile and using soya milk as much as is bearable.

One of those BBC child documentaries which I saw a small snippet of involved another of these very articulate 7 or 8 year olds tells us she (they) had helped a wounded bird which thy though had broken something by putting it in what looked like a plastic washing basket. Saying when they turned it up the other way and mother came back to feed it, she declaimed so earnestly "This the happiest day of my life!" to which her grandfather replied that she was witnessing the workings of nature. If anyone did not a have a tear in the eye after listening to that....

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