Monday, August 21, 2006

Last refuge

When all else fails (you don't have an answer to Islamic fundamentalism or why Americans are so obesssed with Liberals (they're a bit unrealistic but quite harmless folk really...look at their Shadow Chanmcellor of the exchequer....oh you mean those sort of Liberals...well why don't you say so.... Commies), the booze is in short supply and you can't have sex, listen to music. It always works when reading is too much to bear.

I'm seriously thinking of a sub-wblog which posts some of the music I've come across.

It will mostly come from Odeo because it can be played immediately rather than downloading the MP3s.

After a morning session a small selection of what can be found :

Kel McKeown: Instructional Video

Indie Spanish stuff

Mellow Monday Show 18:

powered by ODEO

Of course you will need a decent set of speakers...don't stint at least £50 or more if you can afford it.

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