Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dave's got Wind!

well, no. But he would like to for personal and political purposes:

BBC man's wife leads objectors to Conservative leader's plans

A friend recently gave me a teelgraph cutting on the Wind Problem: whether to have it or not.

Its here under Bricks and Mortar:

Reader asks:

I am trying to find a wind turbine for my house, which is on a windy hill facing the sea, and want to generate power but without the eyesore. I am looking for something that has a vertical axis - like a large oil drum with spinning vanes. Is there such a thing or do I have to have blades on top of a pole?

The Answer David Snell pretty much covers it.

Perhaps david should pay for one to be placed at the bottom of some friend's garden in the country and do a deal about the electricity produced? There are many choices: he could let the guy use the few kilowatts produced and ask him to send a cheque for the cost. The electricity generated could be sent straight to the national grid.

Though I will probably vote Tory for tactical reason to remove simulcrums Blair and Brown and their fat cat friends, I will write a lot of emails to dave between now and the elctrions telling him under no cisrcumstances to put up that silly thing in the middle of London where there is little wind except of the arsical or verbal kind, mostly issuing from people trying to sell you something or other material or ideological.

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