Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All going mad - just some doing it quicker than others

Free NHS of politics, says top doctor

Is pretty much the sort of idea I espouse. It would never be implemented simply because of all the vestedly interested who would stand to lose through this sort of set up. I had thought a kind of national franchise could operate, the rules as to how to operate laid down in terms of standards expected, then each area allowed to get on with it. However, once a bureacracy exists it is very difficult to to remove the functionary mentality or indeed to remove the bureacracy itself.

Notice over the years how the main problem with the NHS has been jobs and conditions (the large unions involved) rather than patient care. That is what defines a bureacrcy: the function for which an organisation was set up being subsumed to maintaining the organisation itself.


Explosive illness?

I would have thought that's merely the epoge of the me society: the suicide terrorists might be better classified under this category.

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