Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blair and what is to follow

Though it is only a minor theory, I believe Blair is staying on as long as he thinks he can because it will make him richer afterwards not because he believes he can do anything constructive for the country. For example, by swanning around the world fixing other countries problems - being seen, in effect - he will be increasing the readership for his memoire opus, for which he will surely earn a cool £10 worldwide.

it is these calculations, which a man like him (in my view a total egotist and unreconstructed snake oil salesman) will think perfectly normal - his right - which make me sick of politicians. I don't believe Prime Ministers,or Presidents for that matter, should be able to use their jobs to make themselves rich afterwards. I believe they should be satisfied with their massively over-inflated pensions (who gets what they get for such a short 'contribution'?) : and so off to good works for the poor in the West Midlands or Burundi (whichever they feel most efficacious).

Brown wil be a hopeless Prime Minister because he is totally unable to sympathise or empathise with the people he will be leading. He is a poor communicator. He has a brain, indeed he would have been more suited to academe, but its machinations will be torn three ways between the New Labour Man he is pretending to be, his real beliefs which are pretty much clause 4 Old Labour, and his son of the Manse ethos.

It will be a blessed relief for us all if the Conservatives win to get shot of this load of third-raters, poseurs and pretenders, who have managed to hold on to power yet do little worthwhile for the people who voted them in for 9 years.

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