Thursday, March 30, 2006

£52.5 million in 6 years on management consultants for NHS

But it seems it is worse than that. An estimated £200 million has been thrown down the gutter for these tripe-merchants to say the bleeding obvious with the aid or white-boards, PowerPoint presentations and longwinded, big-worded reports which top mangement is too scared to admit they can't understand a word of. Hence the clearly sane response to ask for another report to keep the MC's on the go and out of their hair.

NHS advisers 'cost £200m' as key jobs go

There can be a case for an outsiders perspective but how much time does a person need to spend doing that? Some companies keep a permant work-force of consultants on their staffs. Where did I read that management actually have cannily latched on to other uses for the management consultant - the bringer of bad news and the facilitator for unpopular changes to established practices.

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