Sunday, January 22, 2006

I think I'm doing a public service by linking to this item which shows:

26pc of council tax goes on public pensions

Patrick Hennessy, The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 22 January 2006

which I had heard at least a year ago.

Far be it from me to start a Council Tax riot, but if we don't like this tax we have to stand up and say so. One of the things you will also notice is that most District Council, and for all I know a lot of County Council) offices are brand spanking new (well only about 10 years old)- probably justified by some bright spark saying they needed a decent building to put the IT in.


Whose pension are you paying?

takes the discussion on.

What I'd like to see is some examples of what they take home on retirement as a proportion of their final salary, of course.


Although, as is made clear her, Police are paid out of a central fund which is partly financed by contributions from councils, this is the folly of letting our politicians do what they like without intervening ourselves to say what we would like. Anyone who has got little or no help from the Police on anti-social behaviour complaints will I am sure feel gretly heated to leanr that as well as calling roud to the house to offer consolation, they spent hours filling forms to note they had done so. "And I said to Mrs. Jones, 'I am terribly sorry to hear your lounge window has been stoved in Mrs. Jones...' " "Mrs. Jones replied, 'Is that all your going to do about this?' " I replied,' Well, times is money, as they, Mrs. Jones. I must get back to fill in a report on our conversation and tick the boxes for the government statistics.' "

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