Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dennett on evolution and religion
A two part Der Spiegal interview with Daniele Dennett:

"Darwinism Completely Refutes Intelligent Design"

and a discovery from this of a weblog, Brain Ethics [consequences of brain science] by

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy and Martin Skov

who pin-point two academic articles which look interesting:

(1) Cognitive neuroscience of humn social behaviour

(2) Functional anatomy of human social cognition

Pleased to see the mention of autism in BrainEthics because it has been a constant interest of mine in relation to TOM, etc.

The Der Spiegel article was interesting because Dennett didn't address the last refuge of the ID-er, the Big Bang. A colleague of mine who's religious gave me a copy of an ID book that talks about nothing else, just keeps insisting that the acceptance by most scientists of the Big Bang theory shows that they acknowledge the need for a Prime Mover, some kind of Creator. I find it odd that saying, "Yes, it's true that we don't really know what was going on "before" the Big Bang"(whatever that may mean) means that you accept Michael and all the angels. But that seems to be the corner the ID folk have been backed into.
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