Sunday, September 25, 2005

Last rose of summer

22 September 2005. Strangely, took this without realising 22 September was the autumn equinox.

wiki : autumn equinox

The rose was there in its prime, so clipped it, took it straight upstairs , photographed it and sent it to my beloved. Only later did the date come into play. Maybe since our weather is so mild now, there will be a few more. In which case there might be a real last rose later.

Heard the weather man say 21st, summer over, got that regetentwingeismus: we haven't had a summer yet; nights drawing in; long winter to endure. Think what it must have been like for the ancients.

The web soon puts you right on so many things. Has anyone one has put a figure (ratio, percentage) on the amount of disinformation to information out there? Iit is our job to educate ourselves and our children to tell the difference as best as we are able.

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